Index-funds crafted for crypto

We create engines to deliver stable and accurate crypto indexes

Engine & API

The VegaX Engine API enables investors to develop their own, automated strategies and receive backtesting services for those proprietary investment/trading strategies.

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Extensive Data & Index

High-quality data is available on-demand to investors, from raw market data, to skillfully crafted factors, indexes and multiples.

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Research Platform & Signal

Separating the signal from the noise, the VegaX Research Platform offers premium content to bolster investors’ fundamental understanding of the industry.

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Diverse Investment Products

The VegaX platform empowers investors to select products that address their needs. With products ranging from market composites to options trading strategies, there’s a solution for every investor.

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Technological Expertise

Technology built for tomorrow

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VegaX technological strategies are systematically programmed to be efficiently expanded and enhanced while maintaining peak performance through extensive backtesting and intraday usage.


The platform utilizes a sophisticated, multi-level key management system: an isolated key environment and programmatic execution through distinct APIs without ever accessing the private keys.

Financial Expertise

Managed by Financial Wizards

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VegaX indexes and investment products are designed by experienced, financial professionals. Our offerings balance sophistication and simplicity.

Optimal Logic

Developed by seasoned engineers, fund managers and bankers, products are optimized for logical, repeatable and scalable processes.

Quality Assurance

Products are monitored by experts and sophisticated algorithms to ensure prioritization of timely fixes, upgrades and improvements.

Crypto Expertise

Deep Expertise in Crypto

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Boots on the Ground

VegaX analysts are experienced crypto-market participants of 4+ years who both understand the market, and are able to provide industry-leading insights to help investors navigate unfamiliar territories.

Prescient Analysis

Our data-driven approach keeps investors informed of the latest news, trends and developments in the crypto markets.

Blockchain Builders

VegaX works alongside blockchain engineers who magnify the research team’s understanding of codebases and smart contract architectures – providing an edge amongst our peers.

Let VegaX make your crypto journey smooth and clear